About Renaissance Henna India Blue Sky Whole Soap Nuts

Soap nuts are natural shells, each containing a seed; they grow wild in India. Also known as Reetha or Aritha, their scientific name is: Sapindus Trifoliatus. The shells contain natural saponin which produces an excellent natural soap wash when mixed with water. The inner seed does not contain saponin and is not edible. They have been used in China for over 1,000 years !

Hair and skin benefits : natural, mild but effective, chemical free wash. Suitable for all hair types, and especially good for fine and fly away hair as the treatment wash is so gentle. Hair washed with soap nut wash feels thicker and healthier; regular use may help eliminate dandruff.

Use as a skin and body wash for natural cleansing and skin conditioning; it will leave skin feeling smooth and healthy. See below for skin tips on making your own natural soap nut exfoliator. Detailed instructions are included with the whole nuts.

Tips :

■add a teaspoon of Renaissance Henna Reetha powder, Shikakai powder, Neem powder, or Amla powder to your soap nut wash for added hair and body nutrition, cleansing, and conditioning

■use left over soap nut shells to make a natural liquid exfoliator by grinding to a paste in a blender with a little water