Some Henna Ideas

Feeling hot ? Plagued by hot, sweaty feet ? Try some cooling, soothing henna on your feet ! Mix into a paste with cool / cold water on a hot day and apply to the soles of your feet. ( If you don't want the upper part of your feet and toes to stain, then apply some barrier cream or oil to your toes and upper feet. ) The best way to do this is sitting outside with a makeshift footstool or on a lounger with an old sheet placed underneath your feet. Press some cool green lettuce leaves against the henna paste to hold it in place, then tie an old cotton strip around your feet ( cut up an old sheet, scarf, or pillow case). Sit back and relax for an hour or 2 and then hose off or shower off ! The soles of your feet will have some henna stain ( red orange ). The henna on your feet will help your feet stay cool and refreshed on the hottest sunny days. It will condition and sooth any rough skin as well. You can also apply it under arms, but remember it will stain. The desert nomads have been using henna in this way for centuries past, and to this day it is still used like this by city dwellers and desert dwellers alike in the Arab regions.